Customer Service: Making a Difference Each Day

It seems as if a day doesn’t go by in which I’m exposed to poor customer service.  How many times have you walked up to a retail clerk who doesn’t even acknowledge your presence and then when they finally engage with you, it’s clear that you are simply a nuisance?  What about the nurse at your doctor’s office that seems to be put out that you’re actually there to seek treatment when dealing with a serious issue? 

We all have examples of these terrible encounters that can be frustrating.  With that in mind, I’d like to contrast the customer service skills of the ANY LAB TEST NOW® Medical Assistant of the Year, Catie Heil.   At ANY LAB TEST NOW® Medical Assistants are responsible for understanding 1000’s of tests, as well as have the clinical skills to draw blood, the certification to do drug screens, and the list goes on and on. 

Catie was awarded the honor due to her excellent customer service skills.  When we asked Catie her thoughts on working with ANY LAB TEST NOW® , she said that she “ wants to make a difference for at least one person each and every day”.    To that end there are countless stories about her making a difference, including the time that a customer was very anxious about getting her lab results, but she was unable to pick them up.  Catie asked her if she could drop off the results on her way home.  The client was so appreciative that she now uses ANY LAB TEST NOW® for all of her testing needs.   

She is also fortunate to have a mentor, Jeri Seidel (Scottsdale/Glendale, AZ franchisee), who provides the leadership, mentoring, and support, as well as a collaborative environment for Catie to excel.

In this day of seemingly indifference to excellent customer service, it’s great to recognize Catie for providing customers with stellar service and literally going the extra mile.   

Clarissa Bradstock

About Bradstock and Bradstock

Roald and Clarissa Bradstock are happily married and raising four daughters. Roald is a well renowned artist, Olympian, who holds the Javelin Masters Record. Clarissa is a successful executive with Any Lab Test Now. Together they will share their thoughts on wellness, aging, careers and balancing work and family.
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