Eat Right, Exercise and Do Good

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Why charitable acts should be a part of your personal wellness plan!!!

We all know that the basics of a healthy lifestyle are eating right and getting exercise on a regular basis.  But did you know that giving back also has great health benefits? 

According to researchers at the London School of Economics, when they examined the relationship between volunteering and measures of happiness in a large group of American adults, they found the more that people volunteered, the happier they were.  1

Simply contemplating generosity boosts your immunity. When Harvard students watched a film about Mother Teresa tending to orphans, the number of protective antibodies in their saliva surged; when the students were asked to focus on times when they’d been loved by or loving to others, their antibody levels stayed elevated for an hour. In another study, the brain’s pleasure centers lit up when people made check marks next to a list of organizations to which they wanted to donate. 2

So how can you fit volunteering and charitable acts into your busy life?

Integrate activities into your current routine

If you walk, run or bike, you should consider downloading the Charity Miles app.  I love this app because it tracks the distance traversed and your efforts are sponsored with donations going to the charity of your choice.  You can also post your accomplishments on social media to get more people to participate.

Who doesn’t like taking photos?  With the app Donate-A-Photo, you can easily upload a photo and Johnson & Johnson will make a donation to one of the charities you select.

Follow your passion

Since Any Lab Test Now is committed to enhancing wellness in our community, one of the ways I give back is donating platelets on a regular basis.  The Red Cross also notifies me when my platelets are shipped somewhere outside of my region.   Knowing that I’m helping those in need throughout the country is very rewarding.

Support a cause that has impacted your life

A dear friend of mine lost her father to prostate cancer and her husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago.  It’s no surprise that she does a 5K run each year for Zero Cancer to help raise awareness of this deadly disease.  Although there are times that we may feel helpless against a disease, raising money to battle the disease is empowering and a great way to honor those who are facing a current challenge.

Build a community of giving back

At Any Lab Test Now, we are honored to support the non-profit organization Delete Blood Cancer.   Our goal is to raise awareness on becoming a bone marrow donor and provide easy access for people who do want to be donors.  This month is Blood Cancer Awareness Month and several of the Any Lab Test Now locations, including the corporate office, will be hosting a “Swab Party” where lots of team members will get registered to be bone marrow donors.  By giving back as a team, it makes our organization healthier too.

Another example is the International Franchise Association’s “Franchising Gives Back Day”  in which IFA members volunteers their time in to help the local community. 

So the next time you’re thinking about a healthy meal or a new exercise routine, don’t forget to reach out and help others.  Not only will you feel better, but it’s good for your heart too. 



About Bradstock and Bradstock

Roald and Clarissa Bradstock are happily married and raising four daughters. Roald is a well renowned artist, Olympian, who holds the Javelin Masters Record. Clarissa is a successful executive with Any Lab Test Now. Together they will share their thoughts on wellness, aging, careers and balancing work and family.
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  1. Sherri W. says:

    Love this post. Thanks for sharing!

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