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New Year Resolutions: Focus on Success, Not Resolutions

It’s that time of year again —  A time to look back at the past year and plan for the New Year ahead.  As always, I look back with a bit of dismay that I did not fulfill all of … Continue reading

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Eat Right, Exercise and Do Good

Why charitable acts should be a part of your personal wellness plan!!! We all know that the basics of a healthy lifestyle are eating right and getting exercise on a regular basis.  But did you know that giving back also … Continue reading

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Making a Difference: Two Stories

Life seems to move at a hectic pace these days, and we too often overlook events and stories that add richness and depth to our lives.  To that end, I wanted to take a few moments to highlight two very … Continue reading

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Vitamin D and Mental Health

Now that the days are longer, you’ll have the opportunity to get more Vitamin D while enjoying your outside activities.  Even with the extra exposure to the rays, you may still may have low Vitamin D levels due to using … Continue reading

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