Vitamin D and Mental Health


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Now that the days are longer, you’ll have the opportunity to get more Vitamin D while enjoying your outside activities.  Even with the extra exposure to the rays, you may still may have low Vitamin D levels due to using sunscreen, as well as your ability to absorb the vitamin from the sun.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to wear sunscreen, but sunscreen is one reason that 60% of the US population is deficient in this important vitamin.  The good news is that you can take supplements, so don’t think that you have to risk skin cancer in order to get your “D”.

So why is this vitamin so important?  Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to depression, fatigue, cancer, and the list goes on and on.  Just Google ”vitamin D deficiency” and you’ll see a plethora of disease states related to low vitamin D levels.

I want to focus depression and Vitamin D.  With a family history of mild to severe depression, I’ve always been interested in natural ways to combat this mental disorder that can take the joy from life.  Recently I checked my Vitamin D levels at Any Lab Test Now, and learned that I, too, am deficient, and I immediately started taking Vitamin D2 and D3 drops under my tongue.  I was surprised that one of the side effects was a feeling of serenity and joy.  I have always considered myself to be a calm and centered person, but now I have a smile on my face even when under considerable stress.   My levels are still on the low side, so I take the supplements each day and check my levels once a quarter.  It’s important to remember that too much Vitamin D has negative effects, so be sure to get a simple blood test to make sure that your levels are low prior to taking supplements.

It’s a simple test and, if you have low Vitamin D levels, it can make a world of difference on your mental outlook, as well as offer a defense to life threatening diseases.

If you have noticed a difference after taking Vitamin D supplements, be sure to share your story.  I’d love to hear from you.

Just a few other links about Vitamin D:

Sometimes the simple things can make a huge difference in your health and wellbeing.  Get screened today and start living the best life possible.


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Roald and Clarissa Bradstock are happily married and raising four daughters. Roald is a well renowned artist, Olympian, who holds the Javelin Masters Record. Clarissa is a successful executive with Any Lab Test Now. Together they will share their thoughts on wellness, aging, careers and balancing work and family.
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3 Responses to Vitamin D and Mental Health

  1. Great write! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Roben Durand says:

    Great blog! I am going to start being better about taking my drops starting right now 🙂

  3. Sherri W. says:

    So interesting!!!! Didn’t know that!!! Thanks!

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